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Music Vibes | Every Road-Trip Needs Vibes

Every road trip needs some music. This first playlist is the songs with some energy. Some anger to throw at the wind howling through the open window. It’s songs that are loud, noisy and make you think of piss and vinegar. You can click on an image to open the playlist in Spotify. You can also find it here. Roadrunner at the top is from the Anthony Bourdain movie called Roadrunner… which is part of this trip being inspired to go off the beaten path to find something wonderful. The next song “Have Love Will Travel” is also from the soundtrack. My anthem is “The House That Heaven Built” from Canada’s Japandroids. I challenge you to play that 5 times in a row in the summer when flying through the countryside and I promise it will be your anthem also. I used to have that as a song my iPhone would play when my morning alarm went off. It made you want to get up and kick ass. “Tornado ’87” from Canada’s The Rural Alberta Advantage is also an incredible song with drums that will get your arms flying.

This playlist played over and over when we are on a high going through the mountains or to drive quicker to an amusement park full of adrenilen will make my son undersand some wild hard punk/indie and classic rock

Dan Deveau

Two more playlist. One for the middle of the road speed. And a slower indie one to make you not loose your mind and keep you lost in your thoughts..

You can play the one above on Spotify at this link.

30 Hours in this one to shuffle with.

You can play the slow one on Spotify here.

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