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Van Ideas | Van Choice v1.0

If I could buy a van… it would be the one above. That would be a great size and tall for the headroom. With so many people doing extended travel during covid and the young bucks who had adopted vanlife from a remote working type of gig… the cost of the van’s on the used market along with the covid supply chain issues have overpriced the used market. Above and below… just wanted to price out the payment on buying a van new from the dealer.

Below is a Sienna which is a beast on the road and the insides are great to pull out all the seats to make more of a stealth van.

For our trip… sure you want the bigger van that holds more things. But we will stick out like a sore thumb when trying to park stealth in more urban environments. Having something like a mini-van would be much better for that but the room for gear and comfort is less.

What’s the plan right now?

Right now… still working it out. If I can find a used Sienna it would be fun to make a basic build to do some road trips around Ontario with the kids. When we get closer to the trip… do we sell it to someone else who wants a camper van and we look at getting something like a Ford Connect or Dodge Promaster to do our trip in? Ideally, we would want three seats in it for trips with the two kids. The Sienna could not offer that.

Still thinking. I’ll talk it out more in this blog. Let’s call this… Van choice 1.0

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