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2025 The General Route

One night… I took the RoadTripper’s App on my iPad and I planned out some legs. I think we will use this as a general guide on the direction of the trip. We will then pull out Google Maps and zoom in more and see where we can dip to that will show us more bang for our buck. So we will break down on this blog the detailed routes… when we drill down and do our planning. I’ll add to this post by adding more content and links to each leg to drill down more of our routes and sights along the way.

Picked the major points on the map above. So many little places to plot next. Once we had them plotted we used google maps to find the best way to connect the dots shown below and see where the roads are.

So this is the general flow of the trip. We will then drill down further to see what little points we want to visit to see, do, eat, explore, play, camp, hike and rest & chill.

Very early stages of planning and we are adding the points on the map that we want to hit… so we have to figure out what the best route is… especially in the Mid-West to make sure we go as much as an efficient route but also taking more local roads so it’s not just freeway driving.

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Leg 1 | Shown Below | Ajax-Peterborough to Ottawa | Explore | Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario To Cross Into the United States

To start off the trip, I think it would be fun to visit Ottawa for a couple of days and visit the city for Canada Day before following a river south towards the Kingston area. I have a friend that lives down there so will spend some time with him before crossing the border in the United States and heading to the east coast. Will have to go plane spotting at YOW and teach Noah the differences between planes and how to spot them. We will have bikes so want to take advantage of the many paths around Ottawa to explore different parks. So many things to photograph in the city.

Leg 2 |Shown Below |CAN/USA Border with Cape Vincent, NY to Portland, ME

Through Upper New York State with Lake Placid, into Vermont with Burlington, Waterbury and Newport to see a friend. Maybe a quick trip to Montreal for bagels and poutine. Back down into the United States and down to Saint Johnsbury. Over to New Hampshire for lots of zig-zagging in the White Mountains and down through Conway, NH and into lower Maine towards the Atlantic Ocean and Portland, ME.

Leg 3 | Portland, ME to Bar Harbor, ME

Through Brunswick, Rockland hugging the cost as much as possible up to Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia National Park along the Atlantic Ocean. We have to decide if we should take the ferry from Bar Harbor over to Nova Scotia for a visit before heading south towards Florida.

Leg 4 | Bar Harbor, ME to Boston, MA

Through the same places to get to Portland, ME and down along the coast as much as possible stopping in Old Orchard Beach, Kennebunkport, Kittery and into Massachusetts with Gloucester, Rockport, Salem and into Boston to spend some time.

Leg 5 | Shown Below | Boston, MA to Providence, RI

Through Quincy and hugging the shoreline as much as possible to curve around to spend some time all along the area up into Provincetown. Coming back down we will snake down and take the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard and back up onto the mainland to head towards Providence, Rhode Island.

Leg 6 | Shown Below | Providence, RI to Long Island, NY

Heading down from Providence, Rhode Island we will head towards Long Island, we will follow the coast and head over to New London, CT before taking a ferry over to Long Island, New York where we will explore the Hamptons and all the nooks to explore Long Islands expensive eastern tip. Dan has family from his Mother’s side that settled close to NYC and Long Island.

Leg 7 | Shown Below | Exploring New York City and places surrounding it

We might spend about 1-2 weeks exploring NYC on foot (subway) and on the bike. Planning this part will be crazy.

Leg 8 | Long Island, NY to Atlantic City, NJ

When it’s time to leave NYC we will get in the van and head out of NY and cross quickly into New Jersey and hug the coast down to Atlantic City.

Leg 9 | Shown Below | Atlantic City, NJ to Washington, DC

Leaving Atlantic City we will head down to Cape May before getting into Delaware through Ocean City and continuing down to Virginia Beach and Norfolk to spend some time before heading back up towards Washington, DC to explore.

Leg 10 | Shown Below | Washington, DC to Myrtle Beach, SC

When it’s time to head south we will cut through Virginia past Richmond and into North Carolina going through Durham and Raleigh where we will cross into South Carolina and get to Myrtle Beach.

Leg 11 | Shown Below | Myrtle Beach, SC to St. Augustine, FL

Leg 12 | Shown Below | St. Augustine, FL to Miami, FL + Florida Keys

Leg 13| Shown Below | Miami, FL to Panama City, FL

Up through Florida via Fort Meyers, Tampa and following the coast as it turns west towards Alabama’s southern tip. Before that, we will stop in Panama City.

Leg 14 | Shown Below | Panama City, Fl to Beaumont, TX

Leg 15 | Shown Below | Beaumont, TX to Denver, CO

Leg 16 | Shown Below | Denver, Co to Ventura, CA

Leg 17 | Shown Below | Ventura, CA to San Francisco, CA

Leg 18 | Shown Below | San Francisco, CA to Antelope Canyon, AZ

Leg 19 | Shown Below | Antelope Canyon, AZ to Seattle, WA

Leg 20 | Shown Below | Vancouver, BC to Glacier National Park

Leg 21 | Shown Below | Glacier National Park to Toronto, Canada (Home)

Click here to drill down into each leg more… starting with leg 1

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