You are currently viewing The Big Trip | Leg 1 | Ontario, Canada | To Ottawa For Canada Day Then To The Border Into The United States

The Big Trip | Leg 1 | Ontario, Canada | To Ottawa For Canada Day Then To The Border Into The United States

With the trip far away… this post will be updated as we get closer.

Before we start, maybe it would be fun to hit Canada’s Wonderland north of Toronto for a big party before we head off to Ottawa.

To start off the trip, I think it would be fun to visit Ottawa for a couple of days and visit the city for Canada Day before following a river south towards the Kingston area. I have a friend that lives down there so will spend some time with him before crossing the border in the United States and heading to the east coast. Will have to go plane spotting at YOW and teach Noah the differences between planes and how to spot them. We will have bikes so want to take advantage of the many paths around Ottawa to explore different parks. So many things to photograph in the city.

Leg 1 Details:

  • Pick up Noah in Ajax. This will take a while since he will have to come out of his house and we can open all his bags and check stuff off our packing list so he has everything. If not… he has to go back in and find it to bring it out. Once we have all the stuff we can leave. (Karen… if you find this blog. It will be a fun trip and me and him will be safe with our surroundings and make good decisions. You are more than welcome to follow us on IG.)
  • Head up to Canada’s Wonderland to visit the amusement park for the day with Chantal so we can have a proper send off and have some fun.
  • Head to Peterborough, Ontario (where Dan lives) where we will gather all our stuff and pack the van and also some last min stuff.

June 30th, 2025: Time To Start!!!

  • If we have everything all packed up… maybe we will jet on the 29th. Maybe Heidi in Madoc will BBQ us something 😉
  • I guess we will check out Perth, Ontario on the trip to Ottawa. I’ve never stopped before. It will be nice to tour Ottawa for a couple of days and spend Canada Day on July 1st.

In Ottawa, we will hit the Byward Market and all around the city and Parlement. We want to spend an afternoon at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Eat some yummy fried wontons at the place I went to 3 times on my last visit to Ottawa. I’ve circled a great Burger place that I also hit. I want to tour on bikes the different city paths following the river and that circle the city. I’ve also never been to Hull… so maybe a Van visit to Hull Quebec on the other side of the River.

We will head south towards the St. Lawrence River and check out Brockville, Ontario on our way for Dan to stop in Gananoque, Ontario to visit a friend. We will camp in his driveway for a couple of days so we can tour Gananoque and Kingston more. We can grill up some food to pack in our mini-fridge before we head off to cross at Wolfe Island.

I think we will skip the beach and just get across to the other side to get the show rolling in the United States by taking the Ferry to Cape Vincent, New York.

Cape Vincent Ferry. I’ve taken this thing at least 20 times as a kid.

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