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About Dan + Noah

Dan Deveau | Age:51 | DOB: 05APR71

Social Personal Links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Personal Amateur Hodge-podge YouTube Channel | Spotify Playlists |  Couchsurfing | @JSDOIT handle on many things (TikTok, Tumblr, Steller, etc on the web ) | Our PCT Hike Social Handle is @PCTJSDOIT |

Presently filling his time: Working and trying to get in better shape physically and practice more of a minimalist lifestyle. Life-reboot after getting out of a 23-year relationship in 2012. Spending time with friends and presently looking for someone to kiss. About to embark on buying a van of some sort. The used market right now sucks. Vanlife is popular and the supply and demand for the Ford Connect or the Dodge Promaster are nuts and overpriced. So to get started in VanLife… I’m thinking of getting something like a Toyota Sienna and pulling out the seats and adding a little camp kitchen and a couch that pulls open to a small double bed. In the Spring of 2024, I’m off on a 6-month adventure with my daughter doing the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico up to Canada all through the mountains. Then it’s time to get something like a Ford Connect to convert and rent out the Toyota Sienna during the summer for people to have a trendy little escape-stealth-camper-van that will offset the cost of financing the new van that we will use for the trip.

Interests: Hiking & the backcountry, basketball, indie + folk music, making mixtapes + playlists, playing tennis, cycling and mountain biking, photographing couples + families, coffee + red wine, aviation + train travel, baseball games in the sunshine in the summer, grilled cheeses and campfires, helping people on Kiva, attending Men’s + Women’s Canadian national basketball + soccer games, summer outdoor concerts, amusement parks with big rides.

Noah Deveau | Age:15 | DOB: 04DEC06

Social Personal Links: Instagram | Snap Handle: @noahdeveau8 |

Presently filling his time: Going to high school and will start grade 11 this fall. In his spare time, he side-hustles delivering the local newspaper and hangs in his room playing video games with his pals online around the world virtually robbing casinos and using cars to score soccer goals in the online world.

Interests: Video games, chilling with music, chatting online with friends, travelling, camping, exploring outside with friends, baseball, attending professional sports in the stands cheering on the local Toronto baseball, basketball and soccer team. exploring Toronto.

Chantal Deveau | Age: 21 | DOB: 15MAR01

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